Ayahuasca Sacred path

Experience de Ayahuasca


The medicine called Ayahuasca is a combination of two plants: the Ayahuasca, which is a vine or liana, (baniopsteris caapi), and the chacuruna that is a shrub, (psychi vid). The native wisdom is so great that the teachers could conceive the union of these two elements to achieve this magical and healing medicine, among the millions of plant species that exist in the Peruvian Jungle. The incredible combination of these two sacred plants allows the active element of the chacuruna, the dimethyltriptamine that produces the visions, to survive in the stomach and reach the brain through the inhibiting action of the harmalins or active elements of the liana Ayahuasca.

The Ceremonies last approximately five or six hours, but the medicine once it enters our body remains, repairing and reconstituting what it feels it should improve. Ayahuasca is not a drug, it is an effective medicine against mental, physical and spiritual evils and every being that shares a Ceremony with the Mother, as the natives call it, has a unique and different experience, a revelation of its own, for which It is difficult to define what ayahuasca does with us.

There are thousands of testimonies issued by many people about the healing actions of Ayahuasca and more and more the interest for this medicine calls people from all over the world to seek their integral healing, through diets, fasts and Ceremonies.
We cordially invite you to share with them the miracles of life – the Ayahuasca is one of them – and your seminars will help you to understand yourselves and establish an eternal relationship with Mother Ayahuasca.

Check with your agency about dietary restrictions during the week of preparation for the Ceremony. We usually receive our guests at 5.30pm for a pre-talk and the Ceremony will begin at sunset. The next day we will have a conversation among all the participants before breaking the fast with a delicious vegetarian – organic breakfast. Our headquarters are located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, and we have the option of doing Ceremonies in Puerto Maldonado in the Peruvian Amazo

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